COVID-19. On work organisation at the translation agency during the quarantine:

Dear clients, our Translation Agency continues operations: we are available for servicing clients at the Agency or remotely. We certify documents by affixing seals of the Translation Agency or notarial certifications. We also attach apostilles. The premises at the Agency meet all applicable requirements: the clients are separated from the staff with a special transparent barrier and we use different premises, safe distances are maintained at all times, there is no direct contact, clients are allowed to enter the room of more than 10 square metres in size one by one, unless the client is accompanied by another family member. The premises are ventilated regularly. We have stocked up on disinfectants, we use special products for regular disinfection of tables and handles, the staff wear extra personal protective equipment at work. We have created an environment ensuring maximum safety for both our staff and clients!

Additional information:

Please enter the premises one by one! We are socially responsible and we care about your safety!