Online Translation Services

Recently online translation services have gained a huge momentum. We are committed to not stay behind in terms of response to the market needs. We started provision of these services several years ago, but the number of inquiries on this matter spiked in March 2020. Please take note that placing orders for online translations of documents is a convenient, simple, and fast way to get your documents translated!

If you have any concerns about data security, let us reassure you that our translators strictly abide to the requirements of information security and confidentiality. Online services facilitate access to the services provided by “Translation GURU” to clients both in Lithuania and abroad.

We work only with professional and certified translators: each and every one of them are experts in their fields and they often make translations into their native language. We make translations of any complexity levels, including: translations of texts, translations of videos, translations of websites and SEOs, translations of catalogues, translations of medical documents, translations of personal documents, translations of education-related documents and we certify our translations by affixing the seal of Translation Agency “Translation GURU” and/ or notarial certifications, as needed.

We always make the translations in due time and for a price agreed with the client. For your convenience, the range of services offered by us includes additional services other than translation, including: editorial work, layout services, and designer services.

How to place an order for online translations of documents and texts?

In case of any documents needed to be translated, you may:

Whenever sending documents for online translation services, please be sure to indicate:

  • the language you need your document to be translated into;
  • how soon you need to have your translation ready;
  • whether certification of the translation is required, if yes: do you require certification by the Translation Agency or by a notary public.

What certifications of the translations could be offered to you by “Translation GURU”?

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